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image of the promotional and documentary video of montemayor


Touristic Advertising Video (2018)

cartel del cortometraje de Ellipsism


cortometraje (2021)

Producer Company founded in 2010 by Conxi Avilés and Gabriel Carrasco to develop and produce audiovisual projects: from advertising videos for companies and institutions, to cinematographic fiction projects that stand out for the technical and artistic quality.

SabbiaFilms has a large technical team to cover all types of productions, working with an excellent human team.

foto de equipo de sabbiafilms


picture set production

Medium-length movie production

picture director of photography

Director of Photography

picture of the crane filming on set

Crane filming on set

picture of the slate on set

Movie Slate on set

picture filming outdoors

filming outdoors

picture of the cast

Cast recording

picture of the recording crew

Recording Crew

picture of the shortmovie production

Shortmovie Production

picture of art department

Art Department

picture of the direct audio recording with Rode microphone

Direct Audio recording wiht Rode Microphone

picture of the advertising with hot heat crane

Advertising with hot head crane

picture of hot head crane

Filming with Hot Head Crane

picture of the movie production

Movie Production

picture of led pannels

led pannels

picture of a movie tracks

Movie tracks

picture of cast and script

Cast and script

picture of crane on tracks for a advertising production

crane on tracks for a advertising production

picture of a gunshots makeup

gunshots makeup

picture of recording with slider

Recording with slider

picture of an advertising recording

Advertising recording

picture of an actor's coaching

actor's coaching

picture of a documentary and promotional video set

documentary and promotional video set

picture of the blackmagic ursa 4k cinema camera

blackmagic URSA 4k cinema camera

picture of a documentary recording

documentary recording



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