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header image of the shortmovie of Candela


Shortmovie (2019)




Candela (Mar Abascal), is a battered woman who wants to breathe in peace in her life. That's why she decides to start by participating in the activities of the local women's association behind José (Santi Rodríguez), her husband... However, he knows everything and will try to stop her.


Film's Infobox:

  • Directed by: Gabriel Carrasco
  • Produced by: SabbiaFilms
  • Starring: Mar Abascal, Santi Rodríguez, Araceli Hurtado
  • Written by: Gabriel Carrasco
  • Based on the original idea of: Conxi A. Tavira
  • Music by: Antonio Hernando
  • Cinematography: Álvaro Medina
  • Edited by: Gabriel Carrasco
  • Sound engineer: José Zamorano
  • Costume and makeup: Anaís González
  • Running time: 15 minutes.
  • Release date: Sep. 16, 2019. Filmoteca de Andalucía (Córdoba, España).


Nationals Selections:

  • 24th. Zaragoza International Film Festival (Zaragoza, Spain). Goya Awards Qualifying Festival (Spanish Film Academy's Awards).
  • 20th. Lanzarote International Film Festival (Lanzarote, Spain). Goya Awards Qualifying Festival (Spanish Film Academy's Awards).
  • 18th. Ponferrada International Film Festival (Ponferrada, Spain).
  • 7th. Calzada de Calatrava International Film Festival (Calzada de Calatrava, Spain).
  • 23th. Astorga Film Festival - Shortmovies Contest (Astorga, Spain).
  • "Korterraza" Shortfilm Fest (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain).
  • 25th. Cabra Audiovisual Contest (Cabra, Spain).
  • Granada International Film Festival -  Lorca Awards (Granada, Spain).
  • New Andalusian Cinema Fest of Casares (Casares, España).
  • 21th. International Short Film Festival of Bahía de Pasaia -IKUSKA- (Donostia, Spain).
  • Film Infest Mallorca (Palma, España).
  • 7th. Short Film Festival of Deputy of Jaén Against the Violence Gender (Jaén, Spain).
  • 11th. Short Film Contest "Asociación de Cine Bardem" (Montalbán de Córdoba, Spain).
  • 7th. Short Film Contest 'Luminiscence(Alicante, Spain). 
  • 3rd. 'Be Free' Short Film Fest (Zaragoza, Spain).
  • 3rd. 'Proyecta Jerez' Short Film Fest (Jerez, Spain).
  • 7th. Social Short Film Fest "Luminiscence" (Alicante, Spain).


Internationals Selections:

  • "Manuel Trujillo Durán" International Film Festival (Maracaibo, Venezuela). Award: Best Actress.
  • Los Ángeles Short Film Festival (Los Ángeles, U.E.). Award: Special Mention of the Jury.
  • 'Artelesia' Social Short Film Fest (Benevento, Italy).
  • 9th. 'Resistencia Film Fest' International Film Fest (Tomé, Chile).
  • 9ª ed. International Film Fest of Latin Cinema of Uruguay - LatinUy- (Punta del Este, Uruguay).
  • DEA Open Air International Film Festival (Tirana, Albania).
  • 8th. Mumbai Shorts International Film Festival 2019 (Bombay, India). Award: Special Mention of the Jury.
  • Indian World Film Festival (New Delhi, India).


gallery image of the shortmovie of Candela
gallery image of the shortmovie of Candela
gallery image of the shortmovie of Candela
gallery image of the shortmovie of Candela